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The simul::clouds::Environment object stores an instance of simul::sky::SkyKeyframer

and two instances of simul::clouds::CloudKeyframer , and performs the necessary initialization and updates.

As described in Getting Started, you will declare and create an instance of Environment. If you have a sequence file (.sq or .seq) saved from the The Sky Sequencer, you can load this into the Environment and its keyframers will be appropriately initialized with global values and keyframes.

simul::clouds::Environment *environment=NULL; … environment=new simul::clouds::Environment();

You can either load a preconfigured sky sequence (.sq file), control the environment direct from the trueSKY API, or both together. To load a file (the .sq is a human-readable text file format), create a TextFileInput object.

simul::crossplatform::TextFileInput ifs; ifs.Load(“test_file.sq”); environment->LoadFromText(ifs);

You can use your own text loader class in place of TextFileInput.

The properties and keyframes of each Keyframer can also be modified in real time. The keyframes each have a timevalue, and the keyframer tracks a current time through these frames, interpolating properties as it does so. This time value is obtained or set using the skyKeyframer:

float time=environment->skyKeyframer->GetTime();

You don’t need to update the keyframers specifically, so long as you’re using simul::clouds::Environment::Update() once per frame.

For more information on the two types of keyframer, see: classes::env::sky_keyframer


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