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Shadows are a vital part of making an environment feel ‘alive’, and trueSKY supports realtime shadows on all clouds, based on the position of the sun/moon.

In unreal, shadows should automatically be set up. If not, make sure that the CloudShadowRT is connected to trueSKYObject under shadows, and your directional light is using trueSKY’s M_lightFunction.

Cloud Shadows

Variable Definition Value
Shadow Range Range of cloud shadow texture, in km. 0.5 to 200.0.
Shadow Texture Size Size of cloud shadow texture. Powers of 2 between 32 and 2048.
Shadow Strength Amount of shadow produced. Large values can produce obvious edges if the resolution is too low. 0.0 to 1.0
Cloud Shadow RT Render texture that is used to draw cloud shadow texture at runtime Render Texture

God Rayss

Variable Definition Value
Crepuscular Ray (God-Rays) Strength Strength of god-ray effect. 0.0 to 1.0
Crepuscular Grid Grid size for God-rays. X, Y, Z. 8 to 256