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Variable Definition Value
Real time Sets frequency/duration of strikes to real time. If false, then simulation time. Bool
Motion How much a bolt should move/animate during a strike. 0 to 10
Strike Duration The time each strike should last, in (simulated) seconds. 0.1 to 1000
Strike Frequency How many strikes per (simulated) second. 0.1 to 10
Branch Angle Mean angle of branching, in degrees from 0 - 90. 0 to 90
Random seed Pseudo-random seed. 0 to 1000
Levels Number of levels of branching. 1 to 5
Branches Mean number of branches to generate from each parent. 1 to 12
Vertical to Sheet How much of the lighting should stay within the clouds. 0 to 1
Roughness How rough/smooth to make the lightning branches. 0 to 1
Storm Radius Radius of the lightning storm, in km. 1 to 100
Thickness Thickness of the lightning trunk, in metres. 1 to 100
Min Pixel Width Minimum pixel size for rendering the lightning strikes. 0 to 8
Radiance Maximum radiance of the strikes. 0.1 to 10000