Cloud Keyframer

class CloudKeyframer : public simul::sky::OvercastCallback, public simul::sky::BaseKeyframer

A class to manage interpolation between cloud states over time. Typically, a CloudKeyframer is created and updated by its Environment.

If time and daytime are linked in the SkyKeyframer, time is in days, otherwise the timescale is in arbitrary units.

Public Functions

virtual CloudKeyframe *InsertKeyframe(float t) override

Insert a new keyframe at time t, sorting in between the existing keyframes if needed, and return a pointer to it.

void DeleteKeyframe(int i)

Remove a keyframe.

virtual sky::BaseKeyframe *GetKeyframe(int i) override

Get a pointer to the keyframe with the given ID.

virtual const sky::BaseKeyframe *GetKeyframe(int i) const override

Get a pointer to the i’th keyframe.