Clouds Tutorial

Clouds in trueSKY are easy to create, hard to master. For a quick solution, use one of our presets!

Cloud Movement

Use the keyframes to set specific positions for the clouds at set times. Then watch as your clouds will move between. For fast clouds make a shorter gap, or reduce the time between.

Using a Map Texture

When creating or finding a map texture ensure that the map is black and white. You can gain a slight gradient on your clouds using greys to blend between values.

Ensure you are saving your map texture files into the correct location.

For Unreal:

Unreal Build folder -> Engine -> Plugins -> TrueSkyPlugin -> Resources -> Media -> Insert .png

For Unity:

Unity -> Locate your unity project folder -> Insert .png

Within the sequencer, select your cloud layer and open the file browser under the “map texture” heading.

Locate the correct file path as shown above, and select your .png map file.

Once the map is applied, alter a value within the sequencer to update your scene and edit settings as through the keyframes were a regular cloudkeyframe (all regular functionality still apllies)

Be aware of artifacting if your map texture has very thin parts. A good solution is to reduce the Cloud Height, along with adding some more Diffusivity.

For more tutorials, head to our Youtube channel, where we upload tutorials and showcases of trueSKY