Water Tutorial

Adding water your scene

Implementing volumetric water into your scene is quick and easy thanks to trueSKY! The first thing you need to do is make sure you have initialized trueSKY in your scene, so you have a trueSKY Actor/Object in your scene. Then, enable “Render Water” on your trueSKY Object. This option decides if we should render any water at all, while each water instance has their own render option.

Next, we need to add a trueSKY water instance.


Go to Gameobject->createOther->create trueSKY water Object


Search for True Sky Water, and then drag it into your scene.

Boundless Ocean

If you are planning to create a large body of water / an ocean, you can check the “Boundless Ocean” checkbox within the trueSKYWater assets properties section, which will extend the surface of the water to the horizon. This is can also be used in scenes where there is a constant water level throughout, or for a very basic way of filling out river beds.


Bounded Water Volume

Used for filling in ponds, lakes, fountains and other small water features, these come as cubes of water that can be scaled and rotated within your scene to your specifications.


Please note that the default bounded objects are designed for quite small bodies of water, if they are made too large they may cause performance issues.

Bounded Water Volume - Custom meshes

Coming soon with trueSKY 4.3!

You can also use your own static meshes for the water surface for performance, or to fit the water within very specific bounds in your scene. This is available as an extra field within the water object’s values, and can be set to any given static mesh.

../../_images/BoundedExampleMesh.png ../../_images/BoundedExampleMeshHidden.png

As any mesh can be used, this can allow for the water to be used with more interesting shapes, giving it the potential for more than just surfaces!