Getting Started

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To use the trueSKY Unity plugin, install the appropriate trueSkyUnityPlugin.unitypackage to your Unity project. For further instructions, head to

Unreal Engine 4

The trueSKY Unreal Engine 4 plugin comes as a branch of the UE4 engine on GitHub, and also as a separate installer for the binary distribution of UE4. For further instructions, head to


The trueSKY SDK can be integrated with a game/simulation in two different ways. Firstly, it is possible to dynamically link with the trueSkyPluginRender library and API just as we do for Unity and Unreal. The second option is to link the trueSKY libraries directly, and access the lower-level classes directly.

TrueSkyPluginRender Library

Integrating the SDK

To build the samples, use the solution file appropriate to your Visual Studio version, e.g.: