Keyframes Layers trueSKY Actor

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namespace clouds

Include: Clouds/BaseLightningRenderer.h

Classes and Structures

class BaseLightningRenderer  
class CellularCloudGrid  
class CellularCloudNode  
struct CloudGeometryHelper  
class CloudGridInterface  
class CloudInterface  
struct CloudKeyframe  
class CloudProperties  
struct CloudRenderingOptions This controls the rendering of clouds.
struct CloudVolume  
struct DepthTextureStruct  
struct ExportLightningStrike  
class HumidityCallbackInterface  
class MixedResolutionCompositor  
struct PointSource  
struct PrecipitationRegion  
struct SelectionIdentifier  
class Skylight  
class TrueSkyRenderer


CloudTexelType By defining this typedef, we ensure that cloud texels are treated as 32-bit.

VolumeMap Custom volume.


TrueSkyRenderMode A class to manage interpolation between cloud states over time.