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Weather Effects and Celestial Objects



Compatibility with other Plugins


Any transparent shaders in use will need to be modified, otherwise the water may render above the clouds. In the OceanTopSide_Transparent shader, find the “Queue” tag and change it from “Transparent-1” to “Transparent-500”. Find the same tag in the “OceanUnderSide_Transparent” shader and change this from “Transparent-2” to “Transparent-501”.

This will make it so that trueSKY won’t be visible when underwater, so if underwater views are needed, it is advisable to write a script that changes these queue values back to their defaults when the camera is underwater.

Popcorn FX

If you are using the PopcornFX plugin, you will need to set native rendering to “Before Image Effect” for it to work alongside trueSKY.

Deprecated Functions, Files and Arguments

The following should no longer be used in trueSKY for Unity, either due to deprecation or partial implementation:

Any function calls to modifiy cloud keyframes(GetKeyframeValue and SetKeyframeValue) should not use the following name string arguments:

Any function calls to modify cloud keyframers/layers (GetCloudInt, GetCloudFloat, SetCloudInt and SetCloudFloat) should not use the following name string arguments:

Further Information

If you’re still having trouble with trueSKY, please view the Unity forum thread to see if other users have encountered the issue and/or contact us directly. You can post the problem on the forum or email us directly.

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