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Installation and Compilation



The Sequencer and Sequences

In trueSKY 4.1, you should make sure that the 3D Clouds, 2D Clouds, and Sky properties are the same for all sequences. Then, with cloud keyframes, make sure that any property that has horizontal extension is the same: Cloud Volume Width, Noise Scale, Worley Scale.

So for example if your 2D cloud keyframes have width 1000.0 in one sequence, they should have 1000.0 in all sequences. It doesn’t have to be exact, and some variation will be ok. But if there’s more than about 10% change over a few seconds of transition time, you’ll notice it resizing, and that will look wrong.

Weather Effects and Celestial Objects


Deprecated Functions, Files and Arguments

The following should no longer be used in trueSKY for UE4, either due to deprecation or partial implementation:

trueSKYSequenceActor’s Downscale Factor setting is deprecated: use Maximum Resolution instead.

Any function calls to modify cloud keyframes(GetKeyframeValue and SetKeyframeValue) should not use the following name string arguments:

Any function calls to modify cloud keyframers/layers (GetCloudInt, GetCloudFloat, SetCloudInt and SetCloudFloat) should not use the following name string arguments:

Further Information

If you’re still having trouble with trueSKY, please view the trueSKY thread on the Unreal forum to see if other users have encountered the issue and/or contact us directly. You can post the problem on the forum or email us directly.

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