This section is for tutorials on the different effects that can be created with trueSKY. If you have not set up trueSKY yet, please go to installation to learn how.

Below you will find links to the different aspects of trueSKY, with each section including step by step tutorials and examples.

  • Sky Sequencer - Start here to learn about how the Sky Sequencer works, and how to add your first clouds.

  • Clouds - Tutorials about our signature clouds, from large, fluffy clouds (Cumulonimbus), to thin streaks (Cirrostratus).

  • Sky - From beautiful sunsets to alien planets.

  • Lighting - Editing the directional and trueSKY light in the scene.

  • Aurorae - Create Aurorae Boreales and Australes, on Earth and alien planets.

  • Precipitation - Cloud precipitation from rain to snow.

  • Rainbows

  • Storms - Examples of large storms, producing thunder and lightning.

  • Water - Real time volumetric water allows for large oceans or small pools, with realistic buoyancy.

  • Time - Make days turn to nights by altering the time.