trueWATER is one of the latest features to come to trueSKY. Experience real-time, volumetric water that can be implemented into any project quickly. trueWATER will provide features such as waves, wakes, water reflections and Buoyancy, all customisable to your needs.

  • Tutorial - Learn how to add water to your scene.

  • Shore Effects - Learn how to add Shore effects to boundless water surfaces

  • Water Probes - Learn how to add water probes to your scene, and their different uses.

  • Buoyancy - Learn how to use water probes to apply buoyant forces to objects so that they can float.

  • Water Masks - Learn how to use water masks to mask out areas water should not be rendered, such as boat interiors.

  • Variables - Learn about the different variables for adjusting the water, from colour to waves.