trueSKY Licences


Simul offers a free 30 day trial licence, including all trueSKY features. This licence cannot be used Commercially.


The Indie licence is for projects with less than £100,000 budget, and is available to individuals and to companies and organizations with fewer than twenty members (i.e. full-time employees or staff). This licence provides lifetime access to all trueSKY 4 Plugins, products and tool sets. This licence requires either a one time payment of £100, or 10 monthly payments of £15 (totalling £150). Either payment option will give you immediate access to trueSKY and all of its features. You can purchase an Indie Licence here.

See our Indie Licence Agreement.

Licences issued prior to March 2020 are governed by the Legacy Indie Licence Agreement.


The IG licence is for image-generation applications. With this licence, you will have yearly access to all trueSKY Plugins, products and tool sets. This licence is priced per seat, per year. You can purchase a IG Licences here.

See our IG Licence Agreement.


The trueSKY Pro licence is for large projects with budgets over £100,000. This provides access to all of trueSKY’s Plugins and tools, and optionally trueSKY source code. You can obtain a quote here. If you already have an account, you should add your company details onto your profile page here, then request a quote through your account dashboard.


We offer free educational licences. These licences cannot be used commercially, and are only availabe for PC. For more information, please email us at, using your academic email.