Wed 05 Jun : Platform Ptr.
Wed 05 Jun : Fix for Cloud Region editor UI
Wed 05 Jun : Add AtmosphericsAmortization to renderingOptions
Mon 03 Jun : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Mon 03 Jun : Disable unused variables
Mon 03 Jun : Platform ptr.
Fri 31 May : Switch support for 4.4. ChunkInputOutput is disabled. CMAKE_BINARY_DIR added to add_multiplatform_sfx_shader_project. Better preprocessor statements for Switch. Undo/Redo for PluginTrueSkyRenderer is wrapped behind SIMUL_PLUGIN_UI. updated to support copying Switch binaries, shaders and textures. Platform ptr.
Thu 30 May : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Thu 30 May : Initial support for Switch in TrueSkyPluginRender. Platform ptr.
Wed 29 May : Disable assimp for linux
Tue 28 May : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Tue 28 May : Platform ptr
Tue 21 May : Platform ptr.
Tue 21 May : In CloudLayer UI, changed Cloud Region “Layers” to “Regions”.
Tue 21 May : Added externalTransparentRendererDelagate. Updated Editor to support transparent mesh rendering.
Thu 16 May : Platform ptr.
Thu 16 May : clang compile fixes
Thu 16 May : Updated .gitignore to exclude lfs, hook and all build folders.
Thu 16 May : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Thu 16 May : Platform ptr.
Thu 16 May : Fixed CMake configuration error from variable PLATFORM_BUILD_ASSIMP for consoles.
Wed 15 May : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Wed 15 May : Fix for linux build support
Wed 15 May : Updated CloudRegionPartIdentifier and GetNearestCloudRegionPartIdentifier() to support the new region types and multiple grab points. Added ActiveKeyframerWithCloudRegion() and mouseMoveCloudRegionPartIdentifier() to clean up GlobalView.cpp. Updated CloudRenderer::RenderCloudRegions() to correctly draw all of the grab points. CloudRenderer::EditorRenderGlobalView() draws mouse position along with highlight text for Cloud Regions. Platform ptr.
Wed 15 May : simul::ui::GlobalViewPanel() updated to correctly set the pos out parameter.
Wed 15 May : Resorted commented out line in Editor.cpp
Wed 15 May : Renamed cloudWindowView to globalViewView and some related clean ups.
Tue 14 May : Fixed typo.
Tue 14 May : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Tue 14 May : Added PLATFORM_BUILD_ASSIMP, which true for source builds. Platform ptr.
Fri 10 May : fix to correctly set default region
Fri 10 May : Default region to Cylinder
Fri 10 May : Use theme in platform, update platform ptr.
Fri 10 May : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Fri 10 May : fix for get/set ExternalDynamicValues
Fri 10 May : SkyKeyframeProperties categories updated. Fixed StyleColours_ControlsStyleColours_Controls().
Fri 10 May : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Fri 10 May : CloudRenderer::RenderCloudRegions() updated to better display regions and drag point. Camera view on GlobalView scaled by distance to the horizon. GlobalViewPanel clean ups and added cloud region button to show region edit mode. Updated CloudKeyframe::GetPrecipitationCentre() and GetStormCentre(). Platform ptr.
Thu 09 May : Add CustomColour and HeightFog colour to Sky Keyframes
Thu 09 May : CustomColour, Add StaticGetExternalRenderValues and StaticGetExternalDynamicValues
Thu 09 May : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Thu 09 May : Minor fix for namespaces in CloudRenderer.cpp. Platform ptr.
Thu 09 May : Fixed CloudRegion interpolation issue and other minor fix ups.
Thu 09 May : Fixed wind affecting cloud region position.
Thu 09 May : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Wed 08 May : Updated PluginTrueSkyRenderer::Set() to support new CloudRegion struct.
Wed 08 May : Added better controls from Spherical CloudRegions. Fixed member order in CloudRegionState and CloudKeyframer::SetCloudRegion() and InterpolateKeyframe(). Updated UI and Plugin.
Tue 07 May : UI changes to simplify rectangular cloud regions.
Tue 07 May : GlobalView_X() functions return bool.
Tue 07 May : Updated LatLonHdgRadEdit() to convert correctly the default value from rad to deg. CloudRegion’s default origin is the keyframes origin.
Tue 07 May : Reworked CloudRenderer::RenderCloudRegions() for different region types. Renamed VolumePartIdentifier to CloudRegionPartIdentifier. std::map safety checks in CloudKeyframeProperties.cpp
Fri 03 May : Cleaned out old comment. Better handling of exceptions.
Fri 03 May : Updated column widths in CloudKeyframeProperties().
Fri 03 May : Updated GetCloudRegionMultiplier() to support spheroids.
Thu 02 May : Reorganised CloudKeyframer.cpp
Thu 02 May : Added support for rectangular cloud regions. SaveToText() and LoadFromText() added to CloudRegion and CloudRegionState.
Tue 30 Apr : Fixed UI and UFT-8 characters.
Tue 30 Apr : Removed Aurora::m_ShowAuroralOvalInGlobalView. This is now handle by the GlobalView.
Tue 30 Apr : Rename CloudVolumes to CloudRegions.
Mon 29 Apr : Updated EngineOriginWGS84 functions. Better display of Engine Origin info in GlobalView. CloudVolumeState new constructor.
Mon 29 Apr : CloudVolumeState() has a specified default constructor. Added for CloudKeyframe, FormatVolumeVariableName() and GetVolumeCentre() and implemented GetVolumeFloat() and SetVolumeFloat(). Support for controlling any CloudVolume with strings. Changed ui::Enum() to use uint64_t and long with subsequent change to affected code.
Fri 26 Apr : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Fri 26 Apr : CS_CloudDensitySDF() supports generating wrapped filtered SDF for cloud volumes. Fixed shader recompiling in WindowUpdater and removed crossplatform::Effect* parameter in many functions. CloudRaytraceLighting does not own the cloud_update Effect. It is passed in from WindowUpdater. Platform ptr.
Fri 26 Apr : Fixed crash in debug, where CloudKeyframer::InterpolateKeyframe() was mixing up cloudVolumes iterators. Clean up CloudVolumes in CloudLayerProperties.
Thu 25 Apr : fix for precip base value
Wed 24 Apr : Update Editor.nsi
Wed 24 Apr : externalOpaqueRendererDelagate fix. Update cube.fbx example.
Wed 24 Apr : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Wed 24 Apr : More accurate sizes for the sub solar and sub lunar points.
Tue 23 Apr : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Tue 23 Apr : Add ImGUI styles in Unreal
Tue 23 Apr : Updated Editor to better support test mesh rendering. Added cube.fbx. Platform ptr.
Tue 23 Apr : Updated Setup.nsi script to ship assimp.
Tue 23 Apr : Added assimp to samples. Platform ptr.
Tue 23 Apr : Removed length() from SkyRenderer.cpp
Fri 19 Apr : GlobalView updated to draw position of the Sun, Moon and Eclipse point.
Fri 19 Apr : Added to class SkyKeyframer GetAstronomicalUnitKm(), GetDistanceToMoon() and GetDistanceToSun()
Fri 19 Apr : Added Sky::GetAstronomicalUnitKm(), removed old saturate functions and clean up in Sky.cpp
Fri 19 Apr : Improved positioning of sun and moon. Added SiderealSky::GetDistanceToSun() and SiderealSky::GetDistanceToMoon() Platform ptr.
Wed 17 Apr : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Wed 17 Apr : Added SIMUL_DLL_SDK_LIBRARY and TrueSkyPluginSDK for dynamic linking. Editor updated to support static and dynamic linking. Reorganised main CMake file. Using AddDLLCompileDefinitions and GLFW_LIBRARY_TYPE - SHARED when SIMUL_DLL_SDK_LIBRARY is true. UI_MT now doesn’t link ImGui_MT. Platform ptr.
Wed 17 Apr : Added SIMUL_NO_PRAGMA_LINK to disable Export header linking libraries outside of CMake. Improved DLL interface for multiple class.
Wed 17 Apr : Added DLL interface for UI.
Tue 16 Apr : Add StaticSaveActiveSequence
Mon 08 Apr : Better checks for cloudVolumesStates in CloudKeyframe. GlobalViewPanel() shows Global View Controls now
Mon 08 Apr : Fixed Cloud shadows and added cloudShadowStrength to control a smoothstep() in the texture generation. Removed incorrect colour multiplier in terrain.sfx - PS_Main().
Mon 08 Apr : Fixed TerrainRenderer::RecompileShaders().
Fri 05 Apr : Added and using GetTopocentricDirectionToMoon() for greater accuracy position (especially at eclipse). SiderealSky::GeocentricToTopocentric() updated to do conversion in equatorial space.
Fri 05 Apr : Reordered SiderealSky and added GeocentricToTopocentric().
Thu 04 Apr : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Thu 04 Apr : Updated LatLonHdgDegEdit() and LatLonHdgRadEdit(). GlobalViewPanel now uses these functions. Moved Origin controls in CloudKeyframeProperties to bottom. QuaternionToLatitudeLongitudeHeading() updated to return positive only Hdg values.
Thu 04 Apr : Update to sample, final fix for .nsi
Thu 04 Apr : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Thu 04 Apr : Save Camera speed. Platform ptr.
Thu 04 Apr : Platform ptr.
Thu 04 Apr : Merge branch ‘4.4’ of into 4.4
Thu 04 Apr : Added ResourceGroupLayout to TrueSkyPluginRenderInterface.cpp.
Thu 04 Apr : Fixed VMA leak in ui::Widget.
Thu 04 Apr : Platform Ptr