Cloud Keyframe

struct CloudKeyframe : public simul::sky::BaseKeyframe

The keyframe structure for clouds, used by simul::clouds::CloudKeyframer.

Public Members

float cloudiness

The density of the cloud layer at this time.

float distribution_base_layer

Start of the transition from the cloud base to the upper cloud (0 to 1)

float distribution_transition

The transition from the cloud base to the upper cloud (0 to 1)

float upper_density

The proportion of cloud density retained in the upper layer, above the distribution_transition.

float cloud_base_km

The base altitude of this cloud layer.

float cloud_height_km

The height of the cloud layer, above its base altitude.

float cloud_width_km

The width of the cloud layer in km, or the repeat-length.

vec3 scale_km

For non-repeating clouds, the shape scale.

int octaves

The number of noise octaves used to generate the clouds; default 3.

float persistence = 0.1f

The fractal persistence for generating the clouds, default 0.45.

float fractal_amplitude = 2.0f

The strength of the fractal edge effect.

float edge_sharpness = 0.06f

The sharpness to be applied in rendering a the boundary.

float churn = 1.0f

The strength of the cloud edge churning effect - larger values for more turbulent clouds.

float precipitation = 0.0f

The amount of rain/snow etc.

float rain_to_snow = 0.0f

If zero, precipitation is interpreted as rain. If one, it is snow.

float precipitation_base_km

The lowest altitude that the precipitation can occur; the highest altitude is dictated by cloud_base_km.

float diffusivity

How much the edges of clouds should be diffused.

float max_density_gm3

Grams per cubic metre. Default is 0.5.

float base_noise_factor

What proportion of noise is applied at the cloudbase, between 0 and 1.0.

vec2 offsetKm

The calculated position offset of this keyframe due to the accumulation of wind motion.

float octaves_f

Only used for interpolation - changes will be ignored. See octaves.

float simulation

If 1.0, cloud volume is simulated. If 0.0, it is generated by fractal.

float worley_noise

How much Worley (cell) noise to apply in cloud generation.

float worley_scale

Scale of the Worley noise. Will be locked to an integer if clouds are wrapping.

float edge_worley_noise

The strength of the fractal worley edge noise.