Base GPU Sky Generator

class BaseGpuSkyGenerator

Public Functions

inline bool GetEnabled() const

Whether this GPU sky generator should be used to calculate the sky.

virtual void RestoreDeviceObjects(platform::crossplatform::RenderPlatform*)

Platform-dependent function called when initializing the Sky Generator.

virtual void InvalidateDeviceObjects()

Platform-dependent function called when uninitializing the Sky Generator.

virtual void LoadShaders()

Platform-dependent function to reload the shaders - only use this for debug purposes.

inline virtual bool CanPerformGPUGeneration() const

Return true if the derived class can make sky tables using the GPU.

struct GpuTexGenStats

Subclassed by simul::sky::GpuSkyParameters

struct GpuMoon
struct GpuPhysicalSkyParameters
struct GpuColourTextureSpec
struct GpuSkyParameters : public simul::sky::GpuTexGenStats
struct GpuSkyAtmosphereParameters
struct GpuSkyInfraredParameters